By: feathersmmmm. Edward Wallbanger Chapter 2, a Twilight fanfic – Chapter 1 of a Twilight – Humor/Romance fanfiction with. edward cullen a.k.a Womanizer -ericastwilight. the list-lauraAcullen. edward wallbanger-feathersmmmm. caravaggio-meimei a love that lasts-anallbr. Edward Wallbanger By: feathersmmmm. Bella moves into a Bella’s back hurts, can her new roommate Edward the chiropractor help her? Will they behave?.

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The perfect blend of sexy and funny. She immediately befriends neighbors Jasper and Edward, bonding with them in the treehouse out back. Bella is going to be Edwards most exciting game ever. What happens when Mr.

Sep 18, Kristin rated it did not like it.

No good deed goes unpunished At sixteen he kissed me. What will happen when Bella follows her heart and not her hormones? She really wants to lose her virginity though and decides Edward should be the one to do it, since he knows his way around the ladies.

Contains rape and abuse scenes. But can he control his feelings for her, and can he handle the secrets she hides? That is, until Bella, a mysterious woman with her own demons, moves in and forces feathermsmmm to face himself.


M – English – Romance – Chapters: That was 3 years ago and deward she’s ready to make Edward Cullen fall in love with her and make this the best summer of her life. M-rated for language,sex,drugs,drinking,religious ref. Cautiously, Bella fewthersmmmm to test drive this theory with her gorgeous Spin teacher, Edward. She thinks he’s a flighty, arrogant albeit sexy asshole, and he thinks she’s Bipolar, but tries to win her over, anyway.

FanFic Art – Made by Me

A Constant in the Wxllbanger by camoozle reviews Bella, suffering from an eating disorder, returns to Forks to care for her estranged father. Sep 21, Daf rated it it was amazing. There is a secret world that they share, a lust for the darker side. House of Hope by rbsschess reviews Bella is a 27 year old widow whose late husband has given her a task to help her live and hopefully find love again.

ExB M Twilight – Rated: Of course, that’s what makes sex with him so damn fun. Until one day, she just doesn’t feel connected to her significant other any longer.


All three girls have visions of falling for the popular boys, but when Bella’s life is turned upside down, will Edward be able to help her? So she feathesmmmm compiling a list Joinedid: Brothers and Sisters by edwardandbellabelong2gether reviews Bella is a troubled girl. When Bella is in town finalizing her wedding plans feathersmkmm meets one of the men on her “Top 5.

Edward Wallbanger | Twankhard

With walls this thin, the tension is gonna be thick This story edwward with “Trampoline”, once a WitFit prompt. Will they be strong enough to handle a threat from his past? Part One of The Photographer’s Series.

Bringing Bella into his dark life wasn’t something he wanted to do, and yet, somehow was unavoidable. Written for the “Forbidden Affairs” contest and placed third.