Frank Marocco, a rare jazz accordionist, a first-call studio musician and one of the most recorded accordion players in the world, has died. Documents Similar To Frank Marocco -Jazz Accordion I. Art Van Damme и Tony Dannon(Ч1).compressed. Uploaded by. stefantoma2k. Left Hand Chord. Buy Frank Marocco: Jazz Accordion, Volume 2 – Sheet Music, CD. Free delivery and returns on eligible orders.

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Copyright Los Angeles Times. Jazz accordionist dies at 81″. Retrieved 7 March Frank Marocco’s wide-ranging career embraced every genre of music, but his passion was jazz — and to show that the accordion was a legitimate jazz instrument.

Frank Marocco, May Although they began studying classical music, Stefani soon encouraged young Frank to explore other musical genres. In the s, Frank Marocco recorded a solo album released by Vervea legendary jazz marlcco label. The event brings together over 50 accordionists from around the U.

Frank Marocco dies at 81; jazz accordionist

He was recognized as one of the most recorded accordionists in the world. Frano Italiano Suomi Edit links. As many critics and musicians observed, Marocco was a gifted musical artist who simply happened to play an unusual instrument.


Marocco’s wide-ranging career embraced every genre of music.

Frank Marocco – Wikipedia

There were no equals on his instrument. Growing up in the town of Waukegan, he began to take accordion lessons at age 7. He had been hospitalized earlier at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles for complications following marodco replacement surgery, his daughter Cynthia said.

After he met his wife, Anne, in Indianathe couple moved to Los Angeles, California[1] in the early s. He also applied his rich compositional skills to the sounds, the timbres and the harmonic textures he drew out of the accordion, banishing such dismissive labels as “squeeze box” and “organ grinder.

Retrieved from ” https: The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences nominated him as the most valuable player eight years in a row. Frank and Anne had eight grandchildren in all. Later on, he began working in Hollywoodwhere television studios and movie production companies provided him a successful career.

Seizure Led to FloJo’s Death. Venetia was a physical Therapy instructor and is now a school teacher.

Frank Marocco obituary: Jazz accordionist dies at 81 – latimes

Marocco was also a busy composer, publishing study books for the accordion, marocci well as collections of his own diverse songs and compositions. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


He later added piano, clarinet, music theory and composition to his interests. The three Marocco daughters are married.

Frank Marocco

Views Read Edit View history. And the warmth he exhibited in his playing was mirrored by the kindness he exhibited franl a human being. This page was last edited on 6 Octoberat January 2, Joliet, Illinois. In addition to his career as a musician, Marocco wrote and arranged music for solo, duet, and orchestra in a wide variety of musical styles, including jazz, popular standards, international, Latin, religious, and classical. Frank Marocco, a rare jazz accordionist, a first-call studio musician and one of the most recorded accordion players in the world, has died.

Cynthia pursued a music career. Zhivago” to the more recent “Pirates of the Caribbean” pictures, for which he played accordion, bass accordion and musette. As a musician, he contributed to hundreds of movie soundtrackstelevision shows and TV-series.