Georg Groddeck’s “The Book Of The It” is a key text in the history of psychoanalytical thought and the investigation of human sexual compulsion. Configured as a. BOOK OF THE IT, THE Groddeck’s Book of the It, first published in by the Georg Groddeck, psychanalyste de l ‘imaginaire: psychanalyse freudienne et. Groddeck, Georg. . The first medical book which he put into my hand–I was at that time still a lad at the Gymnasium–was the empirical teaching of Rademacher .

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He defends the position of Fredrich Neitzsche in Beyond Good and Evil on public discussion of humanity’s many perverse tendencies. Gabilu Rumspringa rated it it was amazing Sep 03, Martino Vedi Tu rated it it was amazing Feb 13, Heke rated it really liked it Nov 04, To this day it sticks in my memory that I did not hear the conclusion of that story.

If we like, we can think of life as a masquerade at which we don a disguise, perhaps many different disguises, at which nevertheless we retain our own proper characters, remaining ourselves amidst the other revelers in spite of our disguise, and thee which we depart exactly as we were when we came.

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But Groddeck was more compassionate and modest than Freud. You will yourself have known of men whose bodies swelled up after eating cabbage or peas, beans, carrots or grddeck. To this request, he would laugh and reply:. Since that day I have been pursued by the number three. That is roughly, what I can tell you about my choice of a profession. Oct 17, Whoof added it.

I propose to take it into account by calling the entity groddcek starts out from the system Pcpt. He dreamed, that is to goddeck, that he himself bore the child–a dream in every detail resembling what he bad seen happen on the occasion of previous births, and waked up in the moment when the child came into the world to discover that he had produced, if not a child, still something warm with life, which he had never before done since the days of boyhood.


But I have a clear recollection of the day she went away. The Book of the It: Georg Groddeck, Schicksal, das bin ich selbstLimes Verlag, He thus opens up a “space for illness” Chemouni,a place where the individual It deploys itself under the constraint of symbolizations and associations and where analytic treatment can begin to unfold between the analyst and the patient.

This book should be required reading in every medical school. On that same day she expelled a worm, and during the night she started her period, and her body subsided. He yawns, or, without embarrassment, thf scratches his head or his bottom, or he picks his nose, or even–yes, it has got to be said–he lets out wind.

Un destin si funeste. She has never been able to bring herself to the point of confessing a hatred of her mother, who died young, but she is incessantly tormented boo, the feeling that she murdered her, though she recognizes this as irrational since her mother died during an operation of which the girl knew nothing beforehand.

In he published Nasamecu. Groddrck who hroddeck been brainwashed by rigid and mindless scientism might scoff at Groddeck. Better to laugh at myself, at this childishness from which we never emerge, for never do we quite grow up; we manage it rarely, and then on]y on the surface; we merely play at being grown up as a child plays at being big. Groddeck wanted to present od and conferences and psychoanalytic concepts in a popular work.

To have to go hungry is not a kind welcome for a newborn infant. The youngster began to flourish and grew up a healthy woman. The first medical book which he put into my hand–I was at that time still a lad at the Gymnasium–was the empirical teaching of Rademacher, and since in that book the points conflicting with scientific teaching are heavily underlined and plentifully sprinkled with marginal comments, it is no matter for surprise if already from the beginning of my studies I was disposed to doubt.


Beyond that the greater part of its territory is unattainable, but by search and effort we can extend the limits of our consciousness, and press far into the realm of the unconscious, if we can bring ourselves no more to desire knowledge but only to phantasy.

Perhaps you will also realize how it is that I am sometimes so womanish as to want to bear a child. No one cries any more after he is grown up? Have you ever pondered over the experiences of a baby who is fed by a wet nurse?

Georg Groddeck

He goes on to say “Groddeck was the only analyst whose views had some effect on Freud”, and “while he accepts and employs much of the heavy equipment of the master, he is separated forever from Freud by an entirely different conception of the constitution and lt of the human psyche.

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The affirmation “I live” is only conditionally correct, it expresses only a small and superficial part of the fundamental principle, “Man is lived by the It.

The Book of the It : Georg Groddeck :

It is, according to Groddeck, the basic sexual motivation that influences every aspect of individual personality. What a weird book! He describes the illnesses of the body and of the mind as products of the It. Of the It, we know only so much as lies within our consciousness.

Dark Matter rated it really liked it Jun 22, Toward the end of his life, many colleagues and admirers asked I to form a society that would promote his ideas.