Read these operating instructions carefully before using the unit. Follow the safety instructions .. (supplied for HDC-TM; not supplied for. Kit Contents: Panasonic HDC-TM video camera – including Tripod shoe, Battery, 64Gb SD card. Mini USB cable; USB SD Card reader; Power supply; Lapel. Please refer to page 26 for details about attaching the lens hood. 22 AF assist lamp (l 74). 23 Recording lamp (l 42). [HDC-SD]/[HDC-TM]. 8 9.

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To download content, connect the camera to a computer using the supplied USB cable. The camera is bundled with the basics to start shooting immediately.

Data sizes correlate to data rates. Ergonomically there are issues, although none are deal breakers.

There are connections available on the camera for headphones and external microphone. Limited Warranty only For U. The camera can be powered from the battery this will need charging before useor directly from the mains supply using the power supply provided.

Intelligent Auto Mode Playback Using Viera Link hdavi Control This tripod uses a friction wheel on the handle to maintain the position of the head. Charging And Recording Time Recording To A Card Unfortunately, some of the mechanical buttons are awkwardly placed.

Handling Of Built-in Memory The Camera Function button toggles access to focus, white balance, shutter, and iris settings. Recording Motion Pictures Additional accessories such as mini HDMI cable, larger capacity battery, external microphone, and beefier lens hood can be purchased. In automatic mode, the TM sets and adjusts white balance focus, aperture and shutter speed. Alternatively the SD card can be removed from the camera and plugged into the included card reader and plugged into the computer.

  LHM 0606 PDF

Panasonic HDC-TM Camera Instructions

Using The Quick Menu Playing Back The Copied Disc About The Ac Adaptor Press the record button on the back of the camera to start and stop recording. Please ensure that you have copied all content off the camera and that all accesories are in the case and the kit is left at the agreed location by the end of your booking for us to collect.

The TM is controlled by mechanical buttons and a dual screen touch menu system accessed by separate buttons on the LCD. A touch activated focus assist is available using the LCD.

Manual white balance settings range from full sunlight to two indoor settings optimized for incandescent and fluorescent lighting to a low light setting for more demanding indoor shots. Using The Setup Menu Resuming The Previous Playback Please email av york.

Audio Visual Centre

Recording Functions Of Operation Icons hd-ctm700 Recording Still Pictures Charging The Battery If Using Mac The main power button located behind the LCD toggles on the cam. Downloading To download content, connect the hxc-tm700 to a computer using the supplied USB cable. Motion Picture Compatibility A large switch puts the cam into video, still photo and playback modes.


The package ships with a printed, fully illustrated manual, and is covered by a standard 90 day labor and one 1 year limited parts warranty. Open the lever on each leg, slide out the legs to the required height then close the lever again to lock the legs in place.

Intelligent Contrast Control Using the LCD screen, set up the shot you wish to record. Check that all of the accessories battery, tripod shoe and SD card are with the camera.

Selecting A Media To Record Parts Identification And Handling Hdd-tm700 quality is clearly directed to the consumer or prosumer with a target price point in mind.

With A Tv Reading The Operating Instructions pdf Format Recording Functions Of Menus And Puerto Rico hdcc-tm700 If you have equipment booking queries, please consult the attributes list on the web, or call 32 As indicated before, bdc-tm700 is about one half stop faster than previous models.

To Disconnect Usb Cable Safely If you have technical queries, please call the workshop on 32