[edit]. The following is a colour-coded decoding table of all ISO alpha-2 codes. Decoding table of ISO alpha The short country names from ISO and the alpha-2 codes are made available by ISO at no charge for See: ISO decoding table (HTML, KB). Country list: ISO alpha-2 English country names and code elements as two letter country codes. Download data tables in csv (excel) and json formats.

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ISO country name follows UN designation due to Macedonia naming dispute ; official name used by country itself: South Vietnam before You might need to run the script with root permissions if you are running on Linux machine. Gilbert and Ellice Islands. Republic of Macedonia Code taken from name in Macedonian: Rhodesia Southern Rhodesia was the colonial name.

ISO 3166-1 alpha-2

If you are using JavaScript, please, follow instructions below: Code taken from Great Britain from official name: Turks and Caicos Islands. GE previously represented Gilbert and Ellice Tabpe. Vatican City State Holy See. The following alpha-2 codes were previously indeterminately reserved, but have been reassigned to another country as its official code:.


Resource Reports

Signup to Premium Service for additional or customised data – Get Started. ISO standards by standard number. How can I access ISO ?

ISO makes the list of alpha-2 country codes available for internal use and non-commercial purposes free of charge. Union of Soviet Socialist Republics common name: Country subdivision code [1]. It contains the codes from parts 1, 2 and 3 of ISO in 3 different formats: ISO Country codes Location codes. Get a list of dataset’s resources curl -L -s https: Code later reassigned to Georgia. Previous ISO country name: The full list of ISO codes assigned to countries and territories are usable as region subtags.

The codes for subdivisions are represented as the alpha-2 code for the country, followed by up to three characters. The following alpha-2 codes can be user-assigned: Transitional reserved code elements are codes reserved after their deletion from ISO Country codes – Statistics Explained”. Internet domain name systems use the codes to define top level domain names such as ‘.

However, the ISO maintenance agency may assign country codes to dependencies of countries that are member states of the UN. Name used by country itself: Official Journal of the European Communities, L The following is a complete list of the current officially assigned ISO alpha-2 codes, with the following columns: ISO country name follows UN designation common name: Compressed versions of dataset.


Under the newer stability policies, old assigned codes that have been withdrawn from ISO should no longer be decofing to another country or territory as has occurred in the past for “CS”. Preview our standards ISO Furthermore, the code element OO is designated as an escape code if the number of regular user-assigned code elements is not sufficient. The numeric country code is assigned by the UN. Archived from the original on Consists of three Caribbean ” special municipalities “, which are part of the Netherlands proper: Svalbard and Jan Mayen.

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ISO alpha-2 – Wikipedia

For example, all national postal organizations throughout the world exchange international mail in containers identified with the relevant country code. The following alpha-2 codes were previously exceptionally reserved, but are now officially assigned:.

The maintenance agency includes representatives from the following 14 organizations: Benelux Trademarks and Designs Office.

Originally Czechoslovakialater Serbia and Montenegro. Archived from the original PDF on December 12, Canton and Enderbury Islands. French Southern and Antarctic Territories.