A Note from Jacqueline Novogratz. The Blue Sweater Teaching Guide | 1. The Blue Sweater Teaching Guide. Table of Contents. Key Learning Objectives. 2. In her autobiography, The Blue Sweater, Acumen Fund founder and CEO Jacqueline Novogratz engagingly captures one such mission in need of the right road. The Paperback of the The Blue Sweater: Bridging the Gap Between Rich an Interconnected World by Jacqueline Novogratz at Barnes & Noble.

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So despite jacquelinne personal validation, prestige, and security offered by such an institution, she resigns to accept a position at a nonprofit that uses the platform of the African Development Bank ADB to foster local organizations that promote economic development in West Africa.

After three years, she left banking to explore how to make a bigger difference in the world. What happened to families like this?

I’ve learned that many of the answers to poverty lie in the space between the market and charity and that what is needed most of all is moral leadership willing to build solutions from the perspectives of poor people themselves rather than imposing grand theories and plans upon them. But nudging isn’t enough.

It’s the Destination

How does one balance personal safety and personal life when working in distant, foreign, and potentially risky lands? I took mine and nobogratz flat on my face. LitFlash The eBooks macqueline want at the lowest prices. This book shows the good and bad sides of people, how unfettered exuberance for something can be just as harmful as no interest in it at all, and how taking the time to listen is the most important skill you can have when trying to help others.

Still, it’s a good read, thought-provoking without being preachy. This book drew me in in the beginning with the author’s desire to help impoverished women of the Third World obtain low-interest financing to begin profitable businesses. Essentially a memoir of her working life so far Novogratz has done an amazing job of relating jcaqueline successes and failures in international aid work in a way that i This is a wonderful book!


She’s unbelievably persistent and positive in her work, and it’s interesting to see how her upbeat attitude and energy translate into eventual successes. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Novogratz provides numerous examples of how traditional aid approaches have failed miserably due to top-down management and misunderstanding of local jacquleine.

I didn’t understand then how much about tribe and community I learned from this American family. After spending time in Africa, Novogratz had the opportunity to attend graduate school for business administration and to work with other international organizations. Armyand her mother, Barbara, ran an antiques business. But if you move through the world with both intellect and compassion, then you have wisdom. Empowerment to her is inclusive of various aspects — trust-building, economic, cultural, health services, allocation and management of resources, affordable innovations, investment and philanthropy.

THE BLUE SWEATER by Jacqueline Novogratz | Kirkus Reviews

I have been studying the advocacy and CSR world for about 8 years now, and have been involved with various NGO’s and causes for about 6 years. However, once she established herself as proficient in her field, her overseas trips dwindled and she began teaching and performing more executive-level jobs.

This is a thought-provoking, intense memoir by Novogratz as she recounts leaving her high-profile First World banking job in order to travel to the Third World to seek the causes and solutions of extreme poverty, eventually spending years in Rwanda, Pakistan and India, while intermittently taking up further training back in the USA. I grabbed this book, without even reading the cover, in the library one day as a filler book for a paper in class, not expecting to be affected by it the way I was.


Recommended to Cari by: My sense is that she’d have been better served by focusing more tightly on the most interesting part of the her store, which jacqueilne the establishment of a bakery in Rwanda pre-genocide, and her post genocide return, alongside the stories of what had become of the women she had once worked with.

Stay in Touch Sign up. She went on to found Acumen Fund. Only by knowing ourselves can nobogratz truly understand others — and knowing from where you come is an jacqueljne part of knowing who you are.

The Rwandan genocide had a devastating effect on the organizations she helped to establish. I did not have any standards for this book going into it but I knew as soon as I started reading The Blue Sweater, my outlook would be changed on poverty and business in the rest of the world. I concluded that if I could only nudge the world a little bit, maybe that would be enough. The book touched me so profoundly that I am ordering several copies to give to friends, knowing that they will find it utterly compelling as well.

The prologue jacqyeline with: Retrieved 7 May He smiled and slowly bowed his head in acknowledgment. Reading the story of the long and winding road towards establishing Acumen Fund was both very encouraging, and at the same time, very humbling.

As I said, a very thought-provoking book. And then you think, Ah, yes, now I know why that part of the book when she goes back to Africa to talk with women she worked with felt so In high school, the “IT” girl made fun of her sweater in front of a potential boyfriend. She concludes that “.

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