Editorial Welcome to the June issue of 2dartist magazine! Many artists working . Issue 82 | October Back:: Editorial Hello and welcome to the October. On the subject of manga characters we will get the ball rolling this month by.

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About – 2dartist magazine

Some of you will be coming to the end of your school year, or just about to start your summer break so now is the ideal time to get stuck into some digital painting. If you are more of an environment person you should take a look at the next chapter of our amazing Magxzine painting series by Piotrek Swigut.

The 2dartiwt is a witch who uses bugs to torture and cast spells on her unsuspecting prey, and in this issue Simon Dominic Brewer and Andrei Pervukhin show us how they interpreted this brief to create their own gruesome paintings. What’s in this month Every month it brings me a lot of inspiration and I’m sure my skills have improved a lot thanks to the good advice and tutorials. Matte Painting – Chapter 2: I know that you are going to love all of the amazing tutorials in this excellent issue.

2DArtist Magazine – Issue 107

John Park takes on the role of demonstrating how he created his tripod-mounted weapons, from the concept and design stage, through to painting techniques. To find out more about what our subscription offer, please click here.

Discover the creative process Bastien used to illustrate his image Music Box.

From my point of view this is ‘must have it’ publication for every artist or illustrator or newbie who would like to learn. I am mabazine that you will agree that this is another stunning issue of 2DArtist. Designing Droids – Chapter 5: In this issue Piotrek will be showing us how to 2dqrtist to incorporate images starting by adding the sky. You’ll have both low and high resolution options, so if you are reading on a smaller device with less storage space, you 2darist easily carry your issue on the move; alternatively if you want to really zoom in on those details to see how the artist did it, download the high resolution version.


Having joined 3dtotal inAnnie enjoys working with some amazing artists and finding new talent for 2dartist magazine.

This issue is not all about characters though. Geoffrey Ernault proves that with practice comes speed In this issue 2DArtist new comer Chase Toole continues the series for us by painting a scene containing some cool Maori warriors.

Using grayscale as a base, Darek Zabrocki reveals how to master mood and lighting Create creature concepts: Ivan Kashubo The Gallery: I think you are going to love this one. Also in this issue we feature an interview with talented concept artist Jerad Marantz and a sketchbook that gives an insight into the creative mind of Ivan Kashubo. He leaves no stone unturned and gives us priceless advice every step of the way, including information about the amount of time it should take to develop a project like this.

The Six Realms – Chapter 4: Gaunt by Charlie Bowater Making Of: Time limit is exhausted. Editorial Hello and welcome to the July issue of 2DArtist magazine.

Serge Birault blows us away yet again in this issue by showing us how he designed and painted his outstanding Heavy Metal Pin- Up girl. Jerad Marantz The Sketchbook of: This is a really handy series that will be teaching us how to paint certain characteristics and features that can add some story and interest to our characters.

2D Artist Magazine

What’s in this month Weapon Design – Chapter 2: I am still getting used to the all digital format. This time around the amazing Brett Bean talks us through his exploratory designs and demonstrates how he created this swash-buckling pirate.


Luky shares her top tips for taking your sketches to the next level The gallery: In addition to providing you with an insight into the latest industry tips and trends, you can download this monthly magazine onto your computer, and also transfer it to your phone or tablet for easy, portable access to a wealth of creative inspiration and experience.

I am really happy with all of them. We will be in the more than capable hands of Thailand-based artist Patipat Asavasena throughout this series, who will be showing us exactly what it is that makes a character look manga in style, and how to use these features and unique characteristics to create our own cool illustrations.

Annie comes from an arts background and studied contemporary fine art and literature at university. We brought you three awesome new tutorial series in the last issue; get ready for round two as we deliver the second installments.

Editorial Hello and welcome to the October issue of 2DArtist magazine! Sadly there is only one chapter left after this one, but it should be a goody as Serge will be tackling a Sci-Fi Pin-Up.

Herman Ng The Gallery: Adam joined the staff at 3dtotal in Augustbringing with him writing magaazine editing experience, as well as the will to help customers. In this issue Charlie will be showing 2daetist how she painted her stunning female character and will be talking us through how she made her look gaunt.

On the subject of manga characters we will get the ball rolling this month by mentioning our cool new series about painting historical characters in this iconic style.