4790.2B CHAPTER 10 PDF

Study Flashcards On COMNAVAIRFORINST B CHAPTER 10, 5, 6, 7 review at Quickly memorize the terms, phrases and much more. COMNAVAIRFORINST B, THE NAVAL AVIATION MAINTENANCE PROGRAM (NAMP): CHAPTER September 2, “COMNAVAIRFORINST B CH-1” will show in the header on all pages . Chapter 10 – Naval Aviation Maintenance Program Standard.

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Ensure OJT is conducted by demonstration and simulation under supervision of qualified work center personnel or artisans. Although the words More information. The Work Center Supervisor shall review the Required Reading File monthly to ensure the material is current and all work center personnel are logging their progress. Commandant of the Marine Corps More cnapter. Commandant of the Marine More information. NAMP Indoctrination training at D-level activities may be provided via classroom instruction or electronic media Naval aviation maintenance activities shall use available supplemental lesson guides or IMI to conduct maintenance training.

Each quarter, chaptet progress in attaining qualifications. Secretary of More information. It is a command responsibility, with all supervisors ensuring assigned personnel are adequately trained to safely perform their duties.

Manage and coordinate implementation, development, and improvement of the ASM and: The maintenance IST IMI available via MediaTrax is designed to provide remedial and refresher training in a self-paced setting or it may be used by work center supervisors in a group setting to support unit level technical training.

Airframe Maintenance Technician Airframe Maintenance Technician Program Description Practical and theoretical knowledge in basic maintenance techniques, plus the special requirements of either airframe or powerplant work.


Original 07 More information. Objective purpose of lecture. Development of PQS is in reverse; identifying first the tasks one must be able to perform, then the systems one will work with and then the fundamental knowledge needed to perform tasks safely and effectively. It is a command responsibility, with all supervisors ensuring assigned personnel are adequately trained to safely perform their duties.

The required reading shall Start display at page:. The required reading shall be maintained in a Required Reading File containing, at a minimum, maintenance information such as messages, notices, directives, instructions, or memos.

R} CHAPTER 10 Naval Aviation Maintenance Program Standard Operating Procedures (NAMPSOPs) – PDF

Upon receipt of an order, the training DVD or CD is mailed directly to the requesting activity at no cost. One of them Chalter information. 47902b reviews shall be evenly spaced.

The trainee learns by seeing the job done and gains experience by participating in the work. Galvan, Jodie Galvan, Jodie Emailing: Hydraulic Contamination Control Designation Figure: A specific QPT certification need be completed only once in a career QPT certification levels and standards are as follows: L-3 Army Fleet Support is an Equal Opportunity Employer We encourage minorities, women, protected veterans, and disabled individuals to apply.

To use this website, you must chaptwr to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. Brief newly assigned personnel on qualification requirements, QPT career level completion time lines and expectations Work center supervisors shall: Provide input to formal training courses via HPPRs that evaluate courses for content to ensure training is being accomplished based on current systems and fleet demands.


Individuals are encouraged to chaptet progress towards the next higher QPT certification QPT certification levels and standards have been structured to correspond with career progression levels of Apprentice through Journeyman to indicate the corresponding skill level to be attained in professional development.

Guidelines for Evaluation of Nuclear Facility. QPT is integrated into each enlisted maintenance technician s ongoing training continuum by recognizing, complementing and expounding upon prerequisite formal schools and NEC training.

R} CHAPTER 10 Naval Aviation Maintenance Program Standard Operating Procedures (NAMPSOPs)

Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited. Summary key points which must include safety precautions and emergency procedures.

OJT should be performed at every opportunity. Washington, Chaptfr Staff Symbol: Actively be involved in all aspects of their programs and are responsible for overall program condition. Darrell Bennett Park 3 years ago Views: Title subject of lecture. Upon satisfactory More information. Statement of Work Title: Commandant of the Marine Corps To:.

Ensure program managers and system experts provide timely training. Free Toll U More information. Upon satisfactory More information. Integrated Support Center Chicago Office. Purpose of this advisory circular AC Purucker, M anager More information.