Andy Klise’s 5x5x5 Guide. Most Algorithms by Pictures by Josef Jelinek r U’ r’ r U2 r’ r U r’ U r U2 r’ r’ F’ l’ r U r U’ l r’. Last Edges. No Parity x’ d (R. These are all of the cases solving the last two edges of a 5x5x5 using a reduction method. The algorithms are mostly from and Meep’s site. Here are the “Last 2 Edges” and parity cases you can encounter while solving the 5x5x5. Hold the cube so that the two edges to solve are at Front and Back of.

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Complete the top and bottom crosses Complete the Blue and Green crosses.

5x5x5 Parity : Cubers

What’s the 5×5 parity? To exchange the location of eight of 5×55 equator pieces Useful for symmetrically scrambled cubes: I feel your pain, OP. Want to ask a question?

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Sign up using Email and Password. The side descriptors are: Use your favorite 3x3x3 solution to solve the cube, since the edges and wings act like the single edge pieces of the 5xx55, the corners directly correspond to the corners, and the centers, crosses, and points correspond to the center pieces of the 3x3x3, as shown in Figure 7.


I already can solve the 3x3x3 so I want something more challenging but not too challenging Kinda like the next level, after 3x3x3. In most cases, the figures represent an example of the situation being described, while the colors don’t have to match perfectly.


For the central horizontal slice H, look at the cube through the top side to determine the clockwise direction.

You can just see it earlier First complete the upper cross piece of each side using H and F moves, giving the cube in Figure 5.

There is parity ona 5×5 though. First, position the top 8 points along the 4 sides: These directions are a graphical version of those given padity Jacob Davenport. I think a parity is anything that wouldnt make any sense on a normal 3×3 On-topic: He told me to build the centers, build the tredges he didn’t use that word and then solve like a 3×3.

Solving the 5x5x5 (Professor) Cube

Insert pieces into the bottom via the keyhole using Move 4a. No biased promotion of one cube shop over another. Which Cubes To Buy? One of my friends told me the basics of how to solve a 5×5 with reduction method.

It should be understood that many of the parity algorithms on the 4x4x4 parity algorithms page can be directly translated to the 5x5x5. U for the top Upper side, u for the 2nd layer down from the top just below the upper sideL for the left hand side l for the 2nd layer in from the left hand side F for the front side f for the 2nd layer in from the front side B for the back side R for the right hand side r for the 2nd layer in from the right hand side D for the down bottom side d for the 2nd layer up from the down bottom side, and H for the horizontal center slice between u and d.


There is no top layer parity issues on a 5×5.

When the bottom is completed, finish the top using Move 4b to get the last piece into position. Scroll down before posting For people who love any sort of geometric puzzles, including but not limited to: If a face has 3 solved points: There is a better alg. I got by for a long time knowing only the second alg but it’s really good to know something for the first and second cases.

Using the same tactic I got around the PLL parity, but I recommend just learning the alg for that, just get the two incorrect edges opposite each other You can use a U-Perm to do this and do this 6 turn long alg: This means that the front side can be a different color, depending on the diagram being used.

Corner, Wing, Edge, Wing, Corner In the figures, any gray pieces represent pieces that don’t matter and can be any color.

Which is easier 4x4x4 or 5x5x5 Cube?

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