74HC Datasheet PDF Download – M74HC, 74HC data sheet. ST Microelectronics 74HC datasheet, M74HC (1-page), 74HC datasheet, 74HC pdf, 74HC datasheet pdf, 74HC pinouts. Product Detail: Offer 74HC, 74HCAP, 74HCP from Hong Kong Inventory. Components In Stock Suppliers in 【Price】【Datasheet PDF】 USA.

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Recommended maximum operating voltage is 46 V. To be connected to V 0 when not used.

The library consists of 17 analog blocks, 1 6 1 2 L logic blocks and an ECL prescaler. GNDout – Ground Common ground of high current path.

The very large input volta- ge range allows flexibility in both professional and 74hv386 applications. Maximum voltage must not exceed 48 V. Datashert configuration also has the advantage of reducing the risk of lead bending during shipping — a real problem with standard DIP packages. The products listed in the following pages represent only a part of the whole products range designed and manufactured by the SGS Subsystems group.

Where a higher volume of sur- face mounted components is used with fully automated placement equipment, the optimum solution is tape and reel.

The epitaxial base process provides cost effective complementary pairs of transistors, and for higher gain darlingtons. Their high gain makes them suitable for driving directly by SGS con- trol circuits, see page This pin is connected to case. If further information is required SGS will provide individual data sheets for all the devices on request.

Protection circuitry includes built-in voltage lockout, pulse by pulse limiting and an antimagnetization circuit. Zodiac chips are therefore cheap to develop and cheap to produce. All the products are supported by an extensive documentation that is available on request from your nearest SGS sales office or Distributor. Ceramic Pin-grid arrays — 64,68,84, and leads.



Binary Counter with Async. If you are interested in discussing custom chip designs contact your nearest sales office for more infor- mation. Plastic chip carriers — 20,44,68 and 84 leads. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. This is the optimum solution when small numbers of SMICs are being used in mixed surface and through-hole mounting assemblies. Plastic DIPS — 16,18,20,24,28,40 and 48 leads. The customer designs and evaluates the proposed design with the help of a series of development parts, daatasheet containing one or more of the library cells.

74HC – M74HC – ST Microelectronics

The family has a unique architecture, the main features of which are Operating System software support, Compiler support and memory ma- nagement. Speciali- sing in advanced technologies and packages for demanding applications, SGS is particularly strong in the industrial, automotive and telecommunications sectors.

74hhc386 chip carriers — 28,44,52,68,84 and leads. Max 2 HSG 44 52 1. In addition the availability of V devices offers extra margin for flyback topologies used at up to 50kHz.

The chip set is highly integrated, each LSI peripheral device 74hc86 an intelligent function; in addi- tion a Universal Peripheral Controller microcomputer and multimicro facilities on the Z CPU chip, enable multi microprocessor system to be realised. Pentawatt L Dual Power Op.

The device is protected against short circuit of this pin to ground or to supply. Decade Counter with Async. They include custom boards and modules perfor- ming various logic and analog functions based on the leading SGS silicon technology. From that small nucleus, the company datashdet evolved into a Group of Companies, operating on a worldwide basis as a broad range semiconductor producer, with billings over million dollars and employing over people. Lauderdale St. Olivetti 2, Agrate Brianza-ltaly Tel.: GND 2 – Ground Common ground of high current path.


Here below are listed the 74hc836 family products in design at the time of publication; new circuits will be added in the near future.

Pentawatt LA Power Op. A trr max ns 8.

74HC Datasheet catalog

Power Clock Type Description supply Freq. Zodiac is almost as fast as pre-diffused arrays but uses the silicon area more effectively. Each device is presented along with its essential electrical characteristics.

The power dissipation is equivalent to a non isolated SOT TO device mounted with external electrical isolation. On request virtually all devices are supplied in wafer form for hybrid assembly; SGS has established high volume experience in this service. The combination of LSTTL speed and the advantages of CMOS which are extremely low power dissipa- tion and wider operating supply voltage range will remarkably realize not only low total power dissipation of high speed digital systems, but also develop new application fields such as high speed portable in- struments which could not be achieved with current LSTTL or CMOS devices.