Employees’ Provident Fund commonly known by the acronym EPF (Malay: KWSP ) is a federal The EPF Act requires employees and their employers to contribute towards their retirement savings, and allows workers to withdraw these . Kumpulan Wang Simpanan Pekerja atau nama pendeknya KWSP merupakan Malaysia, Akta Kumpulan Wang Simpanan Pekerja (Akta ) yang. Akta Kumpulan Wang Simpanan Pekerja Apakah maksud KWSP Apakah maksud caruman KWSP Berapakah Kadar caruman? Terdapat beberapa Jenis .

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Where any person is found guilty of an offence under paragraph 59 bthe court before which such person is found guilty shall order such person to furnish or produce any declaration, return, certificate or other document required by this Act kdsp any regulations or rules thereunder to be furnished or produced.

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Retrieved 15 March Section 7 Resignation and revocation 7. Section 9 Chairman and six other members to form quorum of the Board 9.

Duty of employer to prepare and furnish statement of wages. Alternately, members may use their EPF savings in their own investments, although such activities are not covered by the EPF and the members are to bear any losses made. Power of the Board to establish a corporation or a company Section Section 68 Repealed by Act A Investment by member of the Fund Section Untuk memastikan bayaran dividen, KWSP melaburkan caruman melalui instrumen kewangan yang diluluskan bagi mendapatkan pulangan yang optimum.

Section 70 Members of the Board, Investment Panel and officers deemed as public servants Payment of additional amount Section 58A. Functions of Shariah Advisory Committee. Employers must remit the employee’s contribution share based on this schedule. Repealed by Act A Section 70C. Establishment of the Board Section 4.

Section 50 Contributions to be paid into the Fund Disqualification from membership of the Board and the Investment Panel Section In addition, the EPF further elaborates dividend rates and their performances are calculated and influenced based on the full distribution of net EPF revenue, depending on the return on investments that in turn is based on asset allocation. Section 26 Power of the Board to invest Please help improve this article if you can.


Provided further that where in accordance with the rules of such approved fund the amount standing to the credit of akra employee consists in whole or in part of a policy of life assurance, such policy shall not be transferred to the Fund, but shall be dealt with in accordance with such rules.

Provided that an election cannot be made to take effect retrospectively. Transfer of credit of a member of the Fund in accordance with the division of matrimonial assets order. The EPF declares an annual dividend on funds on deposit which has varied over time, depending on investment results.

The Board shall furnish the Minister with such information relating to its activities as he may, from time to time, require. Section 69 Offences by body corporate Section 23A Establishment of Shariah Advisory Committee 1 The Board shall establish a Shariah Advisory Committee which shall be the kasp for the ascertainment of 199 matters for the purposes of advising the Board and the Investment Panel in ensuring that the management of the accounts of the members of the Fund whose elections under section 43A have come into effect complies with Shariah principles, including the contributions, investment and dividend.

Kumpulan Wang Simpanan Pekerja

Views Read Edit View history. Section 29 Audit of the Fund’s annual accounts Bilangan majikan aktif pula adalah seramaiKenggotaan wajib kepada pekerja sektor swasta dan pekerja tidak berpencen sektor awam.

Declaration of dividend Section A member of the Board shall be deemed to have vacated his office- a upon his death; or b upon his failure to attend three consecutive meetings of the Board without the permission of the Chairman.

Appointment of Inspectors, their powers, functions and duties. Offences by body corporate Section 69A. Provided that, subject to such conditions as may be prescribed by the Board, where an employer has, by error not occasioned by that employer’s negligence, omitted to deduct any contribution or part of any contribution payable by him on behalf aka the employee, then, such contribution or part thereof may be deducted from the wages payable by such employer to the employee not later than six months from the date of the payment of the wages in respect of which the contribution or part thereof was omitted to be deducted.



Section 67 Conduct of civil proceedings Section 22 Disqualification from membership of the Board and the Investment Panel Powers of Minister to amend the Schedules Section Remittance of funds in connection with retirement Section 44A. Provided that such scheme shall cease to be an approved fund upon the Minister declaring that it shall cease to be so. Section 51 Contributions and deposits not to be assigned or attached General reserve and other reserve accounts Section Provided that the Minister may vary any limitation imposed on the total amount akkta the borrowings of the approved company in this paragraph; [ Ins.

Retrieved 14 February Section 70D Akfa 70D. Other provisions continue to apply Section 70F. Section 55B Contribution to and withdrawal from the Fund for a member of the Fund who has attained the age of sixty years 55B. Contributions and deposits not to be assigned or attached Section 51A.


September Learn how and when to remove this template message. The EPF also provides a framework for employers to meet legal and moral obligations to kqsp employees.

Transfer of registration of employers Section Section 45 Payment of contributions 1 Except where otherwise provided in this Act, the employer shall, in the first instance, be liable to pay both the contributions payable by himself and also, on behalf of and to the exclusion of the employee, the contributions payable by that employee; and for the purposes of this Act contributions paid by an employer on behalf of an employee shall be deemed to be contributions by the employee.

Approved funds Section