Lc meletinsky, eleazar sociedades, culturas y hecho literario. A todos ellos deben afiadirse una introducci6n a ia teoria literaria. Now you can watch full. Title, Teoría literaria. Lingüística y teoría literaria. Contributors, Marc Angenot, Jean Bessière, Douwe Wessel Fokkema, Eva Kushner. Publisher, Siglo Veintiuno. Title, Teoria literária: problemas e perspectivas. Volume 51 of Nova enciclopédia. Author, Marc Angenot. Contributor, Edmond Cros. Publisher, Dom Quixote.

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In this case, the permanence of childhood feelings or events in the mental and behavioral life of adults, as well as the evolution of emotionl and affective conflicts in historical continuity, with repression of instincts in proportion to neurotic intensification, are relevant aspects for the approach to individual histories and cultural histories, respectively.

Thus, for example, according to the particularities of each classification, there are philistines versus bohemians, apollineans versus dyonisiacs, and rationalists versus empiricists. Share your thoughts with other customers. However, if the reader refuses these interpretations of the text on the basis of the ideological positions he may hold, he will have difficulty in identifying what it has been agreed to call, in the Aesthetic of Reception, the implicit reader i.

By considering that a major work of art always includes a vision of the world that, teogia discussed or denied, is an integral part of its meaningDante Moreira Leite seeks to present some questions about literary works for which contemporary psychology has its own perspective, differing from the perspectives of other sciences and of literary criticism itself, such as imitation,suggestion, the peception of shapes, the angeenot of characters, the learning of taste, among others, although without aspiring to the presentation of a general or total solution for its analysis.

Psychology of literature and literature in psychology. The advantage of this type of analysis? According to Ceia, imagination, as early as stated by Aristoteles trans.

Teoria Literaria

Rio de Janeiro, RJ: This paper performs the reading the thematic relationship established between Psychology and Literature in two perspectives: The usefulness of this? Nevertheless, psychology can also study the various methods of composition, correction and rewriting practiced by writers.

Get to Know Us. In the first case, while, according to some, the “unit” of an individual is something to be sought, according to others, several personalistic systems may exist as long as their descriptions are scientifically useful. On an interdisciplinary basis, Psychology, as is the case for the perspective of related disciplines such as History, Linguistics, Communication, Social Sciences, Philosophy, Education, and Arts Visual Arts, Music, Theater, Cinemaamong others, in an attempt to establish the degree of relationship between a work of art and what surrounds it in order to provide human enligthenment, permits the extrinsic study of literature i.


Books by Marc Angenot

Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. The study of how people think, act, influence and relate to each other is part of the context of Social Psychology, a branch of Psychology that, in the 20th century, has been devoted to an attempt to dialogue with the Social Sciences, also dealing with the social experience acquired by the individuals who participate in different social movements.

However, according to the angrnot, something new is only valid up to the point it serves to interpret a litsraria topic of human experience.

The Study of Types. According to the German psychologist Rudolf Arnheimit is the task of creative imagination to enable man to translate the physical appearance of objects into appropriate forms for given contexts, this being due to the psychological reason that, in the human perception and thinking, the similarity is not based on a meticulous identity, but lieraria on the correspondence of essential structural characteristics.

Judging that a coachman whose face we represent in an obscure maner has mustaches is seeing his face appear with mustaches In this case, assuming that the creation of characters consists of a fusion of inherited types, observed types etoria the type represented by the author himself indicates that only the “ego s ” as potential material for literary creation can become complex characters.

Considered in this way, this scheme permits us to understand that the same work can be perceived at various levels, with different intensities, and mainly being susceptible to the idiosyncrasies of the reader.


Constructed in this manner, the horizon of expectations of the reader undergoes additions of new reading expectations through the reader’s interpretation of the text he is reading. A schematic configuration both in a physical and psychic meaning, projected as a “real” fully determined individual, as well as teoriz of the three essential structural elements of a novel, the type, according to Forsteris one of the characterizations of plane, linear characters defined by a single trait that does not aangenot throughout the work.


All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion. Abgenot theory is identified by the E-R model i.

In other words, according to the author, in psychology “there exists only one individual-who perceives and struggles and thinks” i.

An example of this is represented by works constructed using the stream of consciousness technique. There are authors who advocate the use of ideal types derived from rational methods such as those of Sprangerand authors who advocate the use of empirical types which presume to teora a broad area of personality of many persons, extremes of a continuum, such as introverted versus extroverted individuals ; cultural types influenced by their participation in groups, whether typical or dissident, such as a trader, a farmer, a barber, a priest, a politician, etc.

Specifically used to deal with what one or more criteria cause something to be considered literature, the term literality, defined as a fictitious discourse or the imitation of daily language acts and in relation to certain properties of language Culler, literafia, has theoretically and methodologically relevant aspects of the literary object. Thus, when this relationship takes place the gaps disappear” Literariia,p.

However, the fact that Freudian theory rests on the interdependence between affective or emotional life and rational life, a characteristic that contradicts current beliefs angeenot assume continuity between the two, and on the rationalization of the problems presented by man in his environment in order to show the emotional and conflicting origin of the processes of human thinking, unmasks and destroys the human illusions, whether religious, sentimental or artistic, a fact that limits this theory regarding the analysis of creative thinking.

His world is made up of what he perceives, feels, sees, thinks and imagines in a manner that cannot be angrnot reproduced by any other person.