This rulebook contains rules for playing Arkham Horror with the Kingsport Horror expansion. The second part contains clarifications and frequently asked. In many ways, the expansions to Arkham Horror are like cooking ingrediants. Now I know it can be frustrating, being on rift duty in Kingsport. Shop Arkham Horror: Kingsport Horror from 23 online stores. Compare game prices at , the web’s largest comparison site for popular.

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And what do the defenders of KH have to say? Sign In Sign Up. Below is a screenshot of where to find the ID. Against Nyarlathotep, I still seal uorror with Clues even if Nyarly is kinysport doomer away from waking up. From base game, Azzy of course doesn’t care about gearing up, but he’s an utter pansy as is, so doesn’t matter.

Disaster coming at you from all sides? IMO, this is easily fixable and not really a problem. My group and I love Kingsport as well, aside from the aforementioned game of Tag.

Posted August 26, Sometimes, it’s kingsporf like playing a game of tag. I haveplayd a few games with Kingsport where none of us even went to the town. The glory is having a world to live in when it’s all over. Now I know it can be frustrating, being on rift duty in Kingsport.


Also, I tend to only use the themed skills i. I only play Arkham with my close cirlce of firends and have never really gotten opinions from other people I know.

For me the bottom line is the win. Only Cthulhu will be so-so after gearing up, everything else you should arjham beat.

Of course, with the rule of 11 allies, and if you’re playing with all sets, there’s probably a Of course, a lot of people just ignore the rifts.

Miniature Market Arkham Horror: At least I’m sure I could deal without it. Charlie against anything that works with Terror Hastur, Glaaki or Yorror Herald is an utter nerf and his Ally ability still confuses the hell out people.

Well, IH sure fixed Kate good, didn’t it? The reasons for the dislike have been articulated by others, so instead, I’ll say why I like it.

Arkham Horror Kingsport Horror Expansion RRP $85

So weighing out the pros and cons with the price, I find I can do without Kingsport. I do see what you’re saying Dam, however, after playing several games with Kingsport Horror, I feel that it does add tremendous difficulty to the game, if you’re a player that is willing to try to prevent the rifts from actually opening. Still, I would probably recommend it to be purchased before Innsmouth, since the difficulty jump isn’t quite as high, and it adds more investigator cards as well as Epic Battle.

Last one we failed against Shudde mell, I still felt frustrated about that one. I suppose some people find the prevention of rift opening to be less beneficial than trying to close and seal gates. From KH, gearing doesn’t really help against Eihort if you keep rolling 1s, and A-N might be a problem. At least that Mission meant you had to go and put some effort into removing the doomer.


I find that’s true with a lot of Kingsport.

The Dunwich Horror printout herald is also quite good and adds lots of challenge to Dunwich for experienced players. Kingsport Horror has been added to your Comparison Cart. Secondly, it forces triage, knowing you can only deal with so much.

Why does everyone think that it’s common knowledge that Kingsport Horror is the least of the big box expansions?

Why the Kingsport hate? – Arkham Horror Second Edition – FFG Community

Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. If I was stranded on a desert island with nothing but AH and a guy saying “pick one expansion to play for the rest of eternity!!

Brings home my “point” all the more, though Nightflame: I do think that it’s the least good big box expansion, if I had to rate them.