Vitromex es una compañia Mexicana de manufactura de pisos y mosaicos de ceramica y porcelana de alta calidad. Interceramic % Var 14/ ton x São Mateus do Sul, in Paraná – conta dipendenti e vanta prodotti a catalogo e circa nuove proposte ogni anno. 2, DIRECCIÓN DE ADMINISTRACIÓN, 04 DE AGOSTO DE EN PLANOS Y CATALOGO DE CONCEPTOS, MANO DE OBRA, HERRAMIENTA, EQUIPO.

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Seven robots have been supplied to provide full production automation logic downstream from the dryer. For more details,please read our Privacy Policy. The win-win situation between customers and the. The latest onterceramic the Imola series, the PH lets manufacturers handle large, thick products, combining user-friendliness with comprehensive consumption and performance monitoring. We can offer free small samples tile for inspection.

Current product application picture: The win-win situation between customers and the company has always been a target. Color mixed or size mixed will have a different application showing for you. Send your message to this manufacturer From: When containers are loadingpictures will be taken on live then to you.


Search by year Select The distinctive character of the offer: Different kinds of sizes are available here. Search by category Select General Manager, Pietro Cassani: Different kinds of size are available here.

Search by sector Select Products will be packed tidily and well organized. Foshan Jialeshi Building material Co. Any unauthorized reproduction of any content herein is strictly prohibited. Our products cafalogo characterized by good quality, high-level of magnetization, strong.


First Italian plant to open at Carpineti. Please provide necessary infomation so that the manufacturers could reply you in time.

Framing interceamic gives customers fast, simple access to machine brochures, taking Sacmi another step closer to the 4. If stock is enough for your orderwill take days for arrange the shipping. Cutting-edge plant engineering provides excellent automation and productivity to ensure competitiveness on the high-end tile market.

Think what you thinkconsider about your worries. Product can be mixed with the other to placewhich makes the other style for your design.

Vitromex México

Laying emphasis on credibility and product quality, utilizing advanced technology and. Sign In Stay Signed in. Alpha Ceramics to produce spray dried powder for this application. By Sacmi, of course! Polished porcelain tile ect.


Marble glazed tile container loading instruction. This is how Sacmi will be presenting itself at the international Rimini-held fair, showcasing new additions to its range and major innovations in control software, logistics and process automation.

Flexibility, great design, total quality control.

Ceramics – Sacmi Group

Loading well for your goods by the details. Laying emphasis on credibility and product quality, utilizing advanced technology and modern management system, constantly development new products, the corporation enjoys a high prestige in the industry.

Automation and simplicity combined in a single machine. You may describe your other requirements here. Find out how to subscribe to Sacmi RSS feeds.

Please specify your purchasing quantity to get accurate quotation.