The Tamuli Omnibus has ratings and 33 reviews. ben said: Sparhawk and his wacky group of friends are at it again. Be sure not to miss everyone’s. The Tamuli is a series of fantasy novels by David Eddings. The series consists of three volumes: Domes of Fire The Shining Ones The Hidden City The Tamuli is. The Tamuli: Domes of Fire – The Shining Ones – The Hidden City [David Eddings] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. For the first time in one.

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The Tamuli – Wikipedia

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Again, kudos to Eddings for his strong women! My goodness this is a massive tome. They are the best at what they do and when they are all working togeth Its been years since I read this series, but I figured it was time to revisit these Eddings books.

I do eddibgs to continue the Tamuli adventure simply to see what happens, however I just don’t see myself doing that. David Eddings died on June 2, at the age of Aided by stalwart friends, Sparhawk charted a plan of attack, knowing that Ehlana’s life hung in the balance.

ISBN hardcoverpaperback U. Also by David Eddings. It’s fine, it moves reasonably quickly and there are some nice touches – the Manor of Horrible People This is a review, once again, of books I have reread enough times that I can recite long stretches of dialog. I loved them as a teenager and I have been enjoying re-reading them now.

The books were fun, I was in highschool, and I could read a book of his in about a day, so it wasn’t much of an investment; it was like eating cotton candy or reading Clive Cussler. Sparhawk menyedari bahawa bukan hanya negara Tamul sahaja mengalami masalah tersebut. In this, the hero Sparhawk and his Queen have to travel across the world to investigate stange stories of legendary heroes rising from the grave to help the people fight their rulars.


Namun begitu,hal ini mungkin sengaja dilakukan kerana novel ini merupakan buku yang pertama dari siri Tamuli. The third is a scene rather than a text, and brings in characters we recognize, in a time period that is clearly after the good guys win, and basically serves as a teaser.

It’s not quite the “let’s poke at all the tropes in Fantasy” that the other series is. Anyone who likes their fantasy light, humorous and with plenty of action.

Dec 30, Sonja rated it it was ok. I’ll be edsings back to my review of the preceeding trilogy – the Tamuli is, I think, more successful overall, but I still have rather a lot to say about it.

Nov 17, Andrew Wilson rated it liked it.

The Tamuli Series

Buku ini mesti dimiliki dan dibaca oleh mereka yang gemar membaca novel bergenre epik fantasi. Tetapi,selepas membaca novel tulisan mendiang David Eddings ini,saya berasa amat teruja sekali eddints kisah fantasi dan kepahlawanan ini. We are experiencing technical difficulties. The ultimate battle looms.

They traveled in company with a handful of trusted companions: Not that they all don’t die, of course.

The Tamuli Omnibus

The characters were more life-like, with more realistic motivations and it handled sorcery in a way I could appreciate not a Deus Ex Machina sort-of-way when it was convenient.

It does smack somewhat of the “noble savage” mythology, but still adds flavor. Domes of Fire U. Sep 22, Geoffery Crescent rated it liked it. I love having the time to finish a novel in a day or two, but I didn’t have the opportunity to do so with this one.


In a recent interview with sffworld. Love David Eddings but a long time since I read him These luminous beings inspire more fear than the rest combined.

Guardians of the West: The Books of the Tamuli

There’s a couple of nice big battles at the end of course, but even those become completely arbitrary when we find out there was no real point to them except to test our heroes’ strength. The enemies of the Empire know that possession of the jewel makes Sparhawk as dangerous as any god.

The burghers treat us no better than commoners. It might eddjngs been preferable to start with the series that precedes this, but although I didn’t do that, I could follow the story perfectly well but I think I might have enjoyed it even more, had I known more about the references eeddings the first series given here.

The sheer stupidity or some characters is also jarring at times, although many of these are specifically described as such in the story. For these same dangers that stalked Ehlana’s kingdom had already struck his realm full-force.

The Tamuli, however, was where I finally gave up. Eddings is occasionally a little too pleased with his own cleverness why yes, I have read The Cherry Orchardthanks but it’s a fun read nonetheless.

David Eddings’ books are comfort reading for me: I remeber getting tired of the heros always knowing what was going to happen and planning for it well in advance