The Curious Sofa is a classic book by Edward Gorey, published under the pen name Ogdred Weary (an anagram). The book is a “pornographic illustrated. The Curious Sofa: A Pornographic Work by Ogdred Weary [Ogdred Weary] on The Gashlycrumb Tinies by Edward Gorey Hardcover $ Curious. 2 graphic a porno- work by. Ogdred. Weary. Page 2. TME. CURIOUS SOFA. Ogared Weary by. Harcourt Brace & Company. New York San Diego.

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New vid from the people who did “Washington”. Jul 20, Michelle Morrell rated it really liked it Shelves: The year in swag Stuff White People Like. One of his step-mothers was Corinna Mura, a cabaret singer who had a brief role in the classic film Casablanca.

The Curious Sofa

The title is The Curious Sofa: He considers himself an Indiana Jones person Jill Duffygirl reporter, is a professional writer and editor in New York.

Not to say I went into this thinking it would turn me on Well, some of what happens in the story happens on furniture, but mostly Gorey is always being absurd and ironic, thanks for that, Ed. Elsie had expired during the night, and gloom descended on everybody. The story is odd but apparently simple: A Pornographic Work by Ogdred Weary, but it’s not really pornographic sorry, I know you were hoping to read something titillating here!

Artists You Should Know: I had to revise my rating upon further review. From our heroine perusing an album of ‘instructive chromolithographs’ to a married couple, both with wooden legs ‘with which they could do all sorts of entertaining tricks’ Her work has appeared in The Examiner newspaper in San Francisco, where she was the food section editor, as well as Game Developer, Gamasutra.


It is very funny. Red Rose Tattoo offers to cover up racist ink at no charge in a stand against hate. Gorey would come up with numerous pen names based on the letters of his name. If you’d like to take a look- I wrote a song from the view point of the main character in the book for this show- and you can see it here.

Sleeping Through the Movies!

Goreyana: The Curious Sofa

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Edward Gorey’s work never sucks. Every image has a caption, and almost every caption suggests something sexual without going into any detail — at all. Oct 22, Sally rated it liked it. This is for mature audiences.

The Savage Critic s. Rokk’s Comic Book Revolution. Newer Post Older Post Home. In the picture above, I show the uncorrected Hardcort proof of this title in printed red wrappers. Warren Peace Sings the Blues. Sex occurs from the first, and even though esward is rampant, it is always just out of eye shot and never explicitly rendered.

The Curious Sofa or, say, Sam Cooke is a good example of implicit content: Damn You Auto Correct! Two stars for quality illustrations and an interesting attempt. Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba.

I saw this at the bookstore this edwarc and picked it up. They were soon joined by Donald, Herbert’s singularly well-favoured sheepdog, and There is something deliciously demented about Edward Gorey who published this work under an acronym of his name; Ogdred Weary.


The Little Pink Bike Ride. This was so much fun to read and it was short. What makes spfa ending so insane, so disturbing but so cold, so interesting but so silent, is that — like a big plot twist a la The Sixth Sense — it makes you go back and reevaluate everything you have read. It is in no way pornographic, or even “erotica,” though sexual acts are referred to throughout hilariously–if hilarious for you might include a droll Victorian tone and cadence; for instance, “Alice was eating grapes in the park, when Herbert, an curius well-endowed young man, introduced himself to her.

The book is brilliant. Now with the power of blogging!

The Curious Sofa by Edward Gorey

Yes, the drawings are simple, esp. Refresh and try again. The casting of Daredevil. A Pornographic Work by Ogdred Weary is one of Edward Gorey’s works in which the story is told through delightful pen-and-ink edwqrd with witty captions.

Actually the book was never specific at all, about anything.