(hardcover) P (paperback) Elminster: The Making of a Mage Basic Information Author(s) Ed Greenwood Publisher TSR, Inc. Cover Artist Jeff Easley . Elminster: Making of a Mage. Add to Goodreads. In ancient days, sorcerers sought to learn the One True Spell that would give them power over all the world and. A young shepherd boy, Elminster, vows revenge on the dragon-riding mage-lord who murders his family and destroys his village, and pursues careers as a.

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The pall that had descended over the North is elinster, and a new day has dawned on a victorious Mithral Hall, but no matter how bright things seem on the surface, Drizzt and his companions know that what lurks just under their feet remains steeped in evil and charged with unimaginable power.

Ed Greenwood wrote Elminster: It doesn’t help that he has fallen into a bit of a rut and most of his books are pretty much indistinguishable from each other. At q until tomorrow.

Is Elminster: Making Of A Mage good? : Forgotten_Realms

The result of his labors is a world reborn and a mage made. I’ve heard much better and much worse. Or can I skip it?

I mean really, wouldn’t you if you’d had an impromptu sex change? Some of rhe has to do with the writing style where I feel like I’m missing out on information. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. In addition to all these activities, Ed works as a library clerk and has edited over a dozen small press magazines. It doesn’t help that the hero is the greatest Gary Stu in the Forgotten Realms universe, who will make it unscathed in the end.


Can’t wait to read the rest of the series. But it really isn’t all that good Now we see El adventuring with some party. Oh, and also he establishes the Harpers between books and not during them. Manshoons evil plans could be made by Skeletor and I would not notice the difference.


Charged with protecting the renowned drunkard and cardsharp Sentes Mustor, Derla finds herself drawn into a high stakes game with the notorious criminal overlord known as One Eye. He would treat his subjects well and despite the land being ruled by a monarchy, people enjoyed freedom particularly merchants.

It feels like a chore. Dec 01, Dave rated it it was amazing. In these ancient days, Elminster is but a shepherd boy, dreaming of adventure and heroics. The audio quality was terrible! Finally there is a sword fight with Elminster and his tyranical uncle; El wins. So, possibly my unfamiliarit Finally finished. Scenes tje fights started seeming repetitive.

The main problem with this audiobook is that the overall quality of the audio performance is very bad. It felt like it was being read by Ben Stein, dry and bland.

Of course it isn’t a literary masterpiece. Dislike Not sure if it was the writing or the person reading it, but who talks like that?! Despite having nothing other than Elminster and SkyMall magazine to read during takeoff and landing I officially, disgustedly, completely gave up on Elminster on page ; wherein Elminster gets turned into a girl and is SO totally diggin’ the boobs, man. Naturally enough, he’s also the king of the land, but his great humility requires he give it up to pursue maikng craft.

I have spent so much time thousands of hours devouring this lore that it far exceeds the value I’d have gained from going to a show. And though odds-on I won’t remember much about this book in a few years’ time, it was a fun, slminster, quick read and you just can’t expect anything more from a book, based on a boardgame.


From the back cover: Submit a new text post. I just fear it’s not well written lower than the average Forgotten Realms lore books. The third book, Temptation of Elminster, was so forgettable I cant even really tell you what happened. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. I will acquire and read all of them, specially because they’re cheap when used people don’t seem to mind getting apart from them for a few bucksmostly because people mentioned we get to see fabled Myth Drannor, and an in-between books founding of the Harpers, among other stuff.

Wake of the Ravager Dark Sun Online: This was Ed Greenwood’s brainchild, and the world he created was truly full of adventure. There’s three so far. The Legend of Drizzt: I was like 14 years old and thought it was the coolest shit ever. I offer the following quotes: This is also a coming of age novel for Elminster as it starts when he is about 12 years old then he makes his way to becoming a Mage over a number of years.

I think he feels ready to learn more about magic, but the how and why has left me.

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