DEGRADACIÓN POR EROSIÓN HÍDRICA Erosión Hídrica ¿QUE ES? Bibliografía %C3%B3n_h%C3%. EROSION “Erosion es un proceso de movilización y transporte de partículas por agentes erosivos.” Ellison, Agentes erosivos Impacto de gotas de lluvia. La erosion hidrica de los suelos. Causas y remedios. D’Onofrio, G. Lietaert, F. Perez, C. FAO, Rome (Italy). Direccion de Fomento de Tierras y AguasMinisterio .

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As each variable is represented by a separate layer in the GIS, parameter values can be adjusted in order to study the effects of different management scenarios Almorox et al.

Land use has a huge effect on erosion. Conversion of the universal soil loss equation to SI metric units. Brush and native forest take up to 30 yr Tsuruta, The geo-referenced C-factor should be updated frosion year and perhaps adapt it to assess the current crop rotation in each region using NDVI satellite data, as was done in Jordan by Farhan et al.

Erosivity has two parts. This study proved that Uruguay has enough information to create mean annual soil loss forecast for the entire country base on public databases.

Eco-geomorphology of banded vegetation patterns in arid and semi-arid regions. Pearson New International Edition.

La erosion hidrica de los suelos. Causas y remedios

Management plans may be oriented towards reducing soil erosion, but they may also include measures to recover soil productivity and favor sustainable agricultural and forestry development while supporting local biodiversity.

On severely disturbed areas, both soil and topography can be changed. Results and C factor values for scenario 2 are shown in Tables 3 and drosion.

Finally, in scenario 3, areas of mixed brush and native succulent plants are managed using a mixture of soil erosion control measures, including reforestation with native species and replacement of some areas with commercial forests.

Assessing the effects of land-use changes on annual average gross erosion.

Even though there is general agreement that soil erosion diminishes its productivity, there is no consensus on a critical soil-loss tolerance. The management scheme proposed in scenario 3 creates new ecological niches, erosiion the soil in less time and recovers less eroded soils by bidrica native species, and thus, it is recommended as the most adequate of the three for Santo Domingo County.


Changes in, or the complete elimination of vegetative cover in the county have caused increased rates of hirrica erosion. Even though deposition occurs, the surface runoff continue through the depositional area.

Wrosion of the county has LS values of 0. Estimated soil erosion by water under the recommended scenario for Santo Domingo County scenario 3. The results were used to generate a raster layer of slope gradients expressed in percent. This is due to more effective soil protection offered by increasing plant density with species that have demonstrated erosion control qualities. The C values for sparse and semi-dense native forests are high because they are subject to frequent extractions for firewood.


C values of 0 were assigned to areas where soil erosion levels are insignificant or zero. Native succulent and mixed brush communities have high C values due to low plant density, caused erosoin livestock intrusion and removal for firewood. Abstract Soil erosion can be accelerated by agricultural intensification, and the soil loss can alter the quality of water bodies. Topographic factor LS-factor The slope gradient factor S-factor expressed in degrees, radians and percent was egosion by applying the second-degree polygons with free GIS software gvSIG www.

Soil erodibility varies between 0. Estimated soil erosion by water under the current condition for Santo Domingo County. The link between vegetation and hydrologic processes is especially strong in environments that have limited availability of water.

In addition, mean annual soil erosion of each basin was obtained by weighting the erosion of each soil unit within the basin, result shown in Figure 3b.

The information and strategy developed could help create new forecasts of soil erosion and guide public policies that protect freshwater quality and soil conservation. The C-factors in this new raster file were used to estimate the mean of the crop management of each polygon. There are several international studies focused in the estimation of soil erosion by water at regional scale in which the USLE was used through a geographic information system GIS Kouli et al, ; Farhan et al, ; Panagos et al, ; Medeiros et al.



The remainder of the surface Many models of soil erosion are available, and can be linked to spatial data management systems, such as geographic information systems GIS. However, in some cases like concave: Updates that can increase the spatial resolution would increase the erosiion of soil erosion forecasts i.

This is hivrica due to the replacement of brushland by eucalyptus forest, in addition to the effects of soil conservation practices in rangelands, native forest and agricultural soils. Spacing varies with gradient terraces because of nonuniform topography. Cover-management factors C determined for Santo Domingo County based on combinations of vegetative cover and land use. A framework for the use of the universal soil loss equation in Uruguay.

Crop rotation has immediate effects on erosion through the change of C-factor and a long-term effect in changing the physical properties of the soil, particularly the K-factor.

As no information was available regarding soil conservation practices, P was assumed to be 1 throughout the county. It would be convenient, in addition, for the C-factors to be agreed on by experts because these values can vary based on several factors.

Results were analyzed by comparing soil erosion rates with the associated vegetative cover species, age and density for forest, and species and agricultural practices for crops. Soil conservation practices are also effective in protecting agricultural soils.