LiveDocs. Flex LiveDocs canbeaccessedfrom langref/, or it can be downloaded from. are the links to them in the Adobe LiveDocs: • Tree: flex/3/html/ • DataGrid: Explorer Reference Flex 3 LiveDocs com/flex/3/html/ Flex 3.

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Specifies the object identification path used to identify the object in the application. A String that specifies the Header data field for click actions on Grid-type controls. When selected, the Ctrl-Shift-Alt key combination is used as the keyboard modifier for keyboard trigger events. Find out how 4D supports developing applications under your own brand, with your chosen business model.

Additional methods can be added using liveeocs Java Code view.

When selected, a mouse action triggers the event on the object. Specifies the scroll bar detail within scroll-type controls. Take advantage of more than 70 new cutting-edge features with 4D v17 to accelerate business applications development, and improve their UX.

You need at least automation. Sign up using Facebook. Specifies the index of the thumb on which to perform Change actions on Slider controls. This chapter provides instructions on configuring and using the OpenScript Adobe Flex Functional Test Module, which provides support for functional testing of Adobe Flex-based web applications.


Develop high-performance, robust applications in record time. I have a somewhat unstable internet connection.

Fast development platform for business apps | 4D

Skip to main content. Your priority is to ensure the growth of your business. Events are recorded as they are generated by the Adobe Flex Automation Framework and played back through the framework. You can customize the script using the menu options or the Code View for specific testing requirements. When selected, the scroll action is moving. This setting is used with the ChangeFocus action in all control types. When selected, the Shift-Alt key combination is used as the keyboard modifier for keyboard trigger events.

A String that specifies the key code to use for Type actions on controls. Specifies the values to use to perform an action on a Flex object. The Object Library files provide a more convenient “short name” for objects to provide for more convenient programming.

Results are also generated for unattended playback through the command line.


Navigate the web site to record page objects, actions, and navigations. I’d like to have the Flex 3 API on my local system for internet down times, but I cant find where it’s available for download, or how to generate it. Specifies the target of a click action. Specifies the mouse coordinate X position within the control for ColumnStretch and MouseMove actions on controls.

Compiling Flex without Flex Builder

Valid values are True and False. The resulting dialog box can display the following sections and fields:. When selected, the scroll bar is moved one line down in the scrolling range. The Results view shows results for each script command including duration and summary for failures. The Recorder creates functional and regression test scripts for automating testing of Adobe Flex applications.

Talk to your 4D Account Representative.

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