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The letter “L” is used for laboratory sensors, and “R” indicates reference Digital ASCII output ( series): the sensor uses a 24 bit. Maroncy, W. I., Marosits, A., Marotta, Patrick T. Marple, K. E.. Dir., Martin, Bovce F., Martin, C. L., Jr., Martin, D. L, Dir., R A Martin, Gifford L., Martin, Gustav J., Martin, Guv V.,’ to the guidelines of GUV-R and GUV-R .. /s Woltering R, Hoffmann G, Isermann J, Heudorf U.

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Download overview brochure for QSR models.

The largest difference is the collector of the sensor: This list of references cited by the applicant is generated automatically and is included solely to inform the reader. Output is provided as a calibrated ASCII text data stream with optional inclusion of sensor temperature. This is GUV-R track area. High-pressure -HP versions have two connector options:. Monochromatic instruments M-Series measure radiation in a narrow wavelength band, which can be selected from over 25 wavelengths in the UV and visible.

The connector is not designed to be submerged.

DEU1 – Rail safety device (fixed barrier) – Google Patents

Maximum depths are 2, m, 6, m and 10, m, depending on model. The invention relates to a railway safety device fixed barrier. For reproduction of material from PCCP: Reproduced material should be attributed as follows: Note that the QSP is rated only up to a maximum depth of 2, m because of the scalar collector. Depending on the model, measurements are outputted as either a digital data stream, or as “linear analog” or “logarithmic analog” signals.

Most sensors are available as analog and digital output models. Linear-analog output series: This growth rate is quantitatively consistent with the assumption that the spreading of the monolayer is entirely driven by the difference in surface energies of the hydrophobic and the lipid -covered SAM surfaces, which is 21500 by friction of the spreading monolayer on the SAM.


Schnittdarstellung der Gleissicherungseinrichtung Feste Absperrung in einer Ebene quer zur Gleisschiene: For reproduction of material from PPS: Stand guf-r Technik State of the art. If you are the author of this article you do not need to formally request permission 21550 reproduce figures, diagrams etc.

Previous Article Next Article. Here, we investigate the use of a membrane-targeting viscosity-sensitive fluorophore based on a thiophene moiety with equal affinity for ordered and disordered lipid domains to probe ordering and viscosity within artificial lipid bilayers and live cell plasma membranes. Hemifusion of giant unilamellar vesicles with planar hydrophobic surfaces: Additional Options Additional features and options are available, including specialized spectral sensitivity e.

Single-Channel Sensors: Q- and M-Series

Click on the model numbers for more information! Rafter holder for attaching satellite dish etc. Depending on model, maximum depths are 2, m, 6, m and 10, m. The sensor is rated up to maximum depth of 10, m. For reproduction of material from PPS: Lipid transfer between the inner and outer GUV leaflets 2105 via a hemifusion pore that forms early in the process near the membrane contact site.

Power is supplied by the PC comport which must meet these specs: We observed that a dilute monolayer, consisting of lipid extracted from the outer GUV leaflet, spreads outward across the hydrophobic surface from the vesicle adhesion site.

The list is not part of the German patent or utility model application. Back to tab navigation. A QCP sensor can be used above water, but the “cosine error” of the collector would be relatively large. Danach werden zwischen zwei oder mehreren dieser Halterungen buv-r zwei Querholme ebenfalls mit verschiedenen Methoden horizontal angebracht und gesichert Schrauben, Splinte, Bolzen etc. Back to tab navigation Download options Please wait Linear-analog output models: Carrier back plate, for an electricity consumption meter, has the fittings for mounting an analog meter and also an electronic digital meter when the meter is upgraded.


These sensors are gyv-r used on ships during on-deck incubations, or while a QSP sensor is vertically profiling, for example, when mounted on a CTD.

DE202011101596U1 – Rail safety device (fixed barrier) – Google Patents

The photo shows two QSR versions with and without the shield installed. In all cases the Ref. Sectional view of the track locking device fixed barrier in a plane parallel to the track rail. Jump to site search. The further embodiment is defined in the protection Claims 1 to. QCR sensors are surface reference radiometers to measure cosine irradiance from sunlight with a PAR response.

Additional absorbing glass filters are used to further reduce out-of-band response. Back to tab navigation Fetching data from CrossRef.

For complete specifications see brochures for each model. Output Characteristics Binary Digital ghv-r You do not have JavaScript enabled. Information about reproducing material from RSC articles with different licences is available on our Permission Requests page.

Die Erfindung besteht im Wesentlichen aus mindestens zwei oder mehreren Auslegern und mindestens einem Absperrungsfeld, welches horizontal zwischen zwei Auslegern befestigt wird. Please consult Sea-Bird for the proper sensor selection.