Highlander Unchained (Highlander Trilogy Book 1) – Kindle edition by Donna Fletcher. Romance Kindle eBooks @ Highlander Unchained & Forbidden Highlander – Kindle edition by Donna Fletcher. Romance Kindle eBooks @ Highlander Unchained (Highlander Trilogy) (Volume 1) [Donna Fletcher] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The infamous warrior Cree is .

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I know the back story. She doesn’t have to be Helen of Troy. So, after reading the second and raced to the library and got this one. What I have to say this is my favorite series. She has very little, if any, status in the clan but she makes decisions that support self-respect.

unchhained View all 3 comments. I have to say this is my favorite series. The first in a trilogy of books that revolve almost entirely around Dawn and Cree. Men want to be in charge of everything and feelings are a conundrum.

Cree and Dawn are modern names not medieval names. To view it, click here.

Highlander’s Captive

I love the idea of this donnna. And you gotta suffer another book for find what actually happens to their fate. Apr 11, Tonja rated it really liked it. Or are the main characters Cree and Dawn?

I would recommend this to all who want to disappear into another world of mystery in the Scottish highlands of medieval times.

Highlander Unchained (Highlander / Cree & Dawn, book 1) by Donna Fletcher

First, I don’t find the fact that Dawn’s ‘dialogue’ is all gesturing that the other characters then translate to be an issue. Fetcher flip flops on her feelings quite easily.


There is no freaking reason for this to be a trilogy, it’s a wallpaper medieval without a lot of depth to the story or characters. Much like her brother, she is strong-minded and willfu Readers have fallen in love with Cree, the mighty Highland warrior, and Dawn, the courageous woman born without a voice.

No trivia or quizzes yet. One of our favorite aspects of this books is unchainsd heroine has a handicap. Sep 22, Monika rated it it was amazing.

I want another CREE!! Torr is a mighty Highland warrior on a fletcuer. Will Dawn have a bright future surrounded by those she cares for? Read Highlander Unchained to find out! Refresh and try again. It was mentioned more then once in previous books how Dawn had a private spot she would only share with her true love so I naturally was waiting for her to take Cree there.

Highlander Trilogy by Donna Fletcher

Now, where to begin? Great books and I would recommend to anyone who loves highlanders. He’s sending not only a plain woman to please the mighty warrior in his final days, but one he’ll find no pleasure with. I have an idea where the story is going and am excited to see how the pathway weaves.

It was mentioned by Old Mary that the woman that Sloan would end up with was already among them. Even though the first two books were pretty fast paced this one hughlander so fast paced that it completely skipped the love story between h and H. Wintra is cree’s sister, who is But then we know he’s not thinking with his brain anyway, he just thinks he is.


Little did they know that Cree would get more information from Dawn’s silence than expected.

Other books in the series. Enter Cree, a warrior considered to be the devil himself and heartless to boot.

Books by Donna Fletcher. Who dunnits, and in the process learning who you are as a person. And I love insta-love but it felt really forced with these two. Not in a sexy alpha sort of way, but a brusque, neanderthal who wouldn’t garner anyone’s favor or affection IRL.

Could I possibly have read it before? She was really bratty and whined and Torr just loved her so instantly it wasn’t even believable. Jun 05, Mahsa rated it did not like it Shelves: In turn, they were proven the idiots. And because of all the wonderful sex, Cree must be donnna about Dawn and this was supposed to make the book great. And he suggests dawn to take “potions” to unchwined be able to conceive or abort any child. I fletcherr to love it in fact.