May 23, System Storage DS Express models 70 and 72, packaged in compact, 3U enclosures with dual intelligent RAID controllers, include the. DS Express Storage Subsystem and supported storage expansion enclosure drive cabling schemes 77 iv IBM System Storage DS The IBM TotalStorage DS / DS Express is a midrange 4-Gbps storage system designed to grow with your business. The DS has (16) drive bays.

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Back to Top Step 3: Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

Back to Top Step 9: That means once you have assigned the LUN to a host it is hidden from all other hosts connected to the same Storage Server. This feature applicable only to the DS Model In DS Storage Manager, the logical drive from which you are basing the FlashCopy, called the base logical drive, must be a standard logical drive in the Storage Subsystem.

Specifying this feature on MES orders will allow ordering of up to a maximum of 99 features.

Many options are available to uplift this protection to higher levels. If you need additional connectivity, you can order up to three shortwave 4 Gbps SFP transceiver features feature for connectivity to all host and drive ports on the DS Model This feature is plant installed and provides a DS system with eight storage partitions activated.


Feature or or Corequisites: Four drive ds47700 ports two ports per controller for attachment of up to six DS storage expansion units with a maximum of up to E-DDMs up to 84 TB of physical storage capacity.

DS Model 70 requires feature This feature provides one 2 Gbps FC, Four shortwave 4 Gbps Vs4700 transceivers are included with the model 70 shipment group and six shortwave 4 Gbps SFP transceivers are included with model Both models connect to host servers and SAN fabric via host ports and connect to DS storage expansion units via disk drive expansion ports.

This feature provides one 4 Gbps FC, This feature provides a pair 2 of shortwave 4 Gbps transceivers for use in expanding the host or drive connections on the DS Mix Fibre Channel attachment units.

This feature provides the means to obtain the unique activation key necessary to ihm the number of storage partitions on the DS from two to eight. Call Send a quick message.

These new models employ sixth generation architecture that deliver 4 Gbps FC connectivity directly to host servers, SAN fabric, and disk drive expansion enclosures.

Typically, you create a FlashCopy so that an application for example, an application to take backups can access the FlashCopy and read the data while the base logical ds700 remains online and user-accessible. This can surely lead to inefficient use of Storage Server hardware.


IBM DS|IBM Storage, Upgrades & Maintenance|Reliant Technology

Only one of features thru can be selected. Requires feature or or or This feature provides the means to obtain the unique activation key necessary to increase the number of storage partitions on the DS from eight to sixteen.

No, Initial Plant Order only. This feature is required for one or more servers with Linux for Power attaching to a DS In a continuing effort to provide storage solutions dz4700 are designed to provide low total cost of ownership, high performance, robust functionality, and unparalleled ease of use, IBM offers ds470 IBM System Storage DS Express.

IBM System Storage DS4700 Model 70 – hard drive array Series

Up to Fibre Channel drives. Walk through this step-by-step guide, choosing appropriate systems and options as indicated below: This feature provides the means to obtain the unique activation key necessary to increase the number of storage partitions on the DS from four to sixteen.

Hard Drive Enclosure Type. Enhanced Remote Mirroring feature Support for attachment is not provided without the licensing authorization of the Attachment features.