Imet Kevin Mitnick for the first time in , during the filming of a Discovery Channel Kevin put me in touch with the agent who books his speeches. She. Kevin Mitnick, the world’s most wanted computer hacker, managed to hack into some of the country’s most powerful – and seemingly impenetrable – agencies. The world’s most famous hacker discusses his new book, his exploits, his imprisonment and his success. Meet the Ghost in the Wires, Kevin.

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That said, a lot of the book is wides re-hashing variations on a theme What do you hope to accomplish with it? In the late s, they still bore the full credit card number.

Apparently, the FBI placed a value on that learning exercise that was higher than his freedom. I just wanted to smack the guy. I think it would appeal to people like software engineers and other hackers maybe or maybe computer geeks in general. Reading this book he doesn’t come off mitnuck a very likable person to me, yet people seem to jump to help him, even as he abuses their trust and love.

I don’t know about the others or the Lulz guys. Audible Download Audio Books. Apparently the law doesn’t apply to KM, because HE never hurt anyone what about the people whose trust he broke? How wifes of Kevin Mitnick’s work have you seen? For Mitnick, hacking wasn’t just about technological feats; it was an old-fashioned confidence game that required guile and deception to trick the unwitting out of valuable information.

As Mitnick points out several times in his own story, his escapades are remarkable enough without the crazy rumors that grew around his legend over the years. Was about to give the book 3 stars, which according to Goodreads means “I liked it”, but understood that it would have been grossly unfair to judge this type of a book on the same merits I judge fiction books on.

Ghost in the Wires: My Adventures as the World’s Most Wanted Hacker

Ghost in the Wires is a thrilling true story of intrigue, suspense, and unbelievable escape, and a portrait of a visionary whose creativity, skills, and persistence forced the authorities to rethink the way they pursued him, inspiring ripples that brought permanent changes in the way people and companies protect their most sensitive information. I didn’t expect him to denounce hacking and try to warn you off doing it, but I also did not expect him ghist try and get sympathy for his plight.


His purported love and concern never stop him from involving them in his various schemes to evade and outwit law enforcement. Using his wits, and dorky knowledge, he managed to pull off lots of small pranks that would never really hurt anyone.

It’s rare and it’s what sets them apart from everyone else.

I feel incredibly sorry for the ghostwriter who had to spend enough time with this man, enduring his bragging and self-absorption, to get the information to write this book. In fact, he sees himself as the victim. It is a mix between a crime novel and a computer hacker how to wifes – great for a geek wannabe like myself.

Ghost in the Wires: The Kevin Mitnick Interview | ZDNet

The punishment became more about the message rather than any actual damages. View all 6 comments. You agree to receive wwires, alerts and promotions from CBS and that CBS may share information about you with our marketing partners so that they may contact you ghozt email or otherwise about their products or services. Little, Brown and Company; August 15, Amazon.

Big Data Analytics New Hadoop survey makes big data predictions for Dec 08, Scott Foshee rated it it was ok. He finds out they are about to arrest him so he wirez for it, changes identities and stays on the run for years.

The dangers of For most people, computers are magic. For instance, Mitnick is contemptuous of being put in solitary confinement so he can’t “phone freak” a form or hacking using an ordinary telephonebut then uses his severely limited and monitored prison pay phone time to phone freak anyway by dialing behind his back as a guard watches, apparently just for the thrill of it and with complete disregard for any consequences.


At times, the book is a page-turner as we see inside Mitnick’s world of how his life of hacking consumed him at times, while at others he tried to walk away and not hack any more. The way Mitnick got access to almost every single system he hacked was by conning a person into giving him access directly or information that would then get him access.


Book Review: Ghost in The Wires – Kevin Mitnick

Mitnick had this whole ingenious system for tricking people, oh sorry ‘socially engineering’. I recall really enjoying this. I’ve heard that a lot of hackers, including you, have been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome.

I was forced to read this by my Hubby.

Kevin Mitnick – IMDb

This is a biography, which means it’s laid out from Mitnick’s point of view and chronicles his life, obviously paying special attention to the thw hacking parts The result is a book that is not only entertaining and historic, but highly instructional also.

Most of this book is KM repeating the same trick over and over, gloating about how easily duped his marks are and how gohst he is to them although when he quickly gets his way then he’s disappointed that there was no challenge, and when things are hard then he’s frustrated by how difficult they areeach time either getting caught or almost getting caught, oftentimes because he’s been ratted out by a friend and yet he’s constantly shocked when his friends –all of them hackers who, like KM, rely on lying to people in order to get information they are not supposed ib have– repeatedly betray himwhich brings on a wave of panic and cursing and lamenting about how his loving grandmother and mother are having to bear so much stress.

Despite being arrested and thrown in solitary confinement, the man could not stop hacking. Mitnick is obsessive about his own privacy, and wiers is utterly indignant about others’ attention to and expectation of theirs?

When those people are in positions of power, they can abuse or misuse that power unwittingly, under the impression they are acting in the interests of public safety.

The first 1, times he tells this story, the reaction is, “Wow! What is the purpose of Ghost in the Wires? Hacker named to Homeland Security Advisory Council. Dec 14, Ti Ingvaldsen rated it it was amazing.