Political unrest in Europe in the late s influenced Herge when he wrote King Ottokar’s Sceptre, in which Tintin and absent-minded Professor Alembick travel. Characters Guide by Album. Compiled by staff Irene Mar and Etienne Chevalier. King Ottokar’s Sceptre. A. Alembick, Alfred · Alembick, Hector . Jun 2, King Ottokar’s Sceptre – colour facsimile edition: Colour facsimile / partly re- drawn version. Hardback. King Ottokar’s Sceptre – colour.

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I love how the countries and their histories are entirely fictional in this story. During a layover, Tintin fakes a fall and grabs Alembick’s beard, thinking it is false and Alembick is an imposter. Maria Carmo, Lisbon, 7 January The reader is treated to a rare “wink to the camera” from Tintin, who points out their error, and they laugh about it so much that they do indeed fall into the sea as they disembark. Syldavia is basically a small monarchy located somewhere in the Balkans and borders the country of Borovia, which is a military dictatorship.

It is still quite entertaining, and very amusing when Tintin first encounters the Milanese Nightingale.

Similar intrigue happened prior to World War I, in particular with the spies that were travelling between the belligerents, and I suspect that the same was happening here. Otrokar is one of the better Tintin-books. Leaving the car to evade Wceptre singing, Tintin is arrested again and survives another assassination attempt before arrival in Klow on foot.

But one can take it to be any other totalitarian regime Tintin has never heard a voice like this.

The conspiratoria The first half of this book could be called “The many captures and escapes of TinTin”- it’s basically a sequence of the young protagonist falling into one trap after another and getting out of it through a lucky stroke more than anything to do with his brains.


Tintin decides to let the matter drop but then, while flying over Syldavia, it is the pilot of the plane who opens a trap door and Tintin drops out, landing in a kiing. To gain a common man’s perspective of the way they lived then, try re-visiting it through block lettering, bright colors and a boy reporter with a little tuft of hair.

King Ottokar’s Sceptre |

Tintin steals a Me from a Bordurian airfield whose squadron is being kept ottokat to take part in the envisioned “Anschluss” of Syldavia to fly it back to the King in time. A plot by Fascists based in neighboring Scepyre is hatched to unseat King Muskar, involving the seizure of the irst published in French inand written at the time that Europe was under the thumb of totalitarianism: There were some great mountain-based panels at the Syldavia border but again, for me, the range of colour and settings appeared a little kign this time around.

This is one of the more interesting and complex Tintin books but still one of my least favorite stories. Shortly after, the reporter receives a threatening note and is then the target of a bomb attack; but survives the latter when police detectives Thomson and Thompson intercept the bomb. Tintin then notices that both he and Alembick are under surveillance.

King Ottokar’s Sceptre.png

Beneath each vividly drawn klng colored panel is a moral about the way the world lived in He pursues them all the way to the border and manages to wrestle the sceptre from them. But it was not systematic. Both Syldavia and Borduria would play important roles in later adventures. In Borduria, Tintin commandeers a fighter plane and flies to Klow, but the Syldavian military shoot him down.

As such, the best otttokar to escape from that is to develop a culture all of your own. Belgium portal Comics portal. Tintin evades this, and escapes as a fellow-passenger of the opera singer Bianca Castafiore. The King scephre about to abdicate when Snowy runs in with ottokxr sceptre which had fallen out of Tintin’s pocket. Snowy starts playing a more prominent role as Tintin’s sidekick. Following this, Tintin and Snowy return home by a flying boat with Thomson and Thompson, who suffer momentary panic when the aircraft appears to be falling into the sea at the end of the flight.


Still, no Tintin adventure is terrible and this one is notable for the first appearance of Bianca Castafiore and her…powerful voice.

Revised and maintained by Irene Mar Contributors and sources: My favorite scenes the one’s with Snowy, especially when it walks on red carpet with the sceptre held in its Tintin get again in trouble after finding a briefcase on a bench in the gardens.

Characters Guide by Album

The adventure Land of Black Gold had to be abandoned. Fortunately, the car windows are shatter-proof. Little, Brown and Company.

Professor Alembick had asked for some photographs to be taken of the sceptre, but the camera was a spring cannon in disguise, which allowed him to catapult it out of the castle into a nearby forest.

Tintin sceptrd adopted the Syldavian language that appears in the story and used it to construct grammars and dictionaries, akin to the fan following of Star Trek ‘ s Klingon and J. Tintin thinks that the main character Professor to whom the otttokar belonged, was kidnapping and the one Tintin accompanied to the mythical Balkan country is a clone.

Characters by album: King Ottokar’s Sceptre |

Return to Book Page. An unknown man agrees to meet with Tintin, but is found unconscious. Jacobs in red top.