Liber Pyramidos by Aleister Crowley. With additional notes by Jake Stratton-Kent. A Guide to the Underworld. Published January, 20 pages. I’m bumping this thread and am going to digress for a moment from its orignial intent to ask a question of the forum about theory relating to Liber. I’m just reading up on Kairos and I”m wondering if I can use this archetype for the Liber Pyramidos ritual? How do I use the Chain, the Scourge.

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And I really can’t say what the first six days are used for without screwing it up forever for anyone coming through the system in the future. If not and all you have is a dover version of magick in theory and practice.

Share on Facebook Share. I am blind and bound; but I Have heard one cry Ring through Eternity: The Speech in the Ypramidos.

Liber DCLXXI vel Pyramidos |

Saute with the following words:. The Scourge, the Dagger, and the Chain Cleanse body, breast and brain! It opens the Gates of Hell.

Three distinct sets of annotations are visible, Pyramidod of the sets of annotations are part of the copy itself and are in the hands of Crowley and G.


I was Master of Thebes from my birth; Shall I die like a dog? Good point you make about Crowley prefering informal initiations. Yet at the end, at the supreme accusation, the Hiereus smites him into death.

Which is the same as verse18 of Israfel. How infinitely musical are the voices of Nature, those that are heard and those that are not heard! What your trying to do is a whole different league. Read more Add Wishlist. But if you can remind me how it’s written, I can probably answer the question.

Assuming the Sign of Apophis and Typhon, say: I gild my left foot with the light I gild my Phallus with the light I gild my right knee with the light I gild my right foot with the light I gild my left knee with the light I gild my Phallus with the light I gild mine elbows with the light I gild my navel with the light I gild my heart wedge with the light I gild my black throat with the light I gild my forehead with the light I gild my Phallus with the light The threefold star cross-crowned, I rise Partaker of the Mysteries.

A possible outline of the lyrics, of a Trio, set to Part one of Pyramidos: I have only read the version on Hermetic.

Liber Pyramidos

For example, after you unlock them, they shake off at the end with the proper motion, make a nice clank when they hit the floor, etc. I eat up the strong lions, I! I am The Manifestor of the Unseen. Previous topic Next topic.


Upon achieving Union, stand and declare: Is that a closer transliteration to the pronounciation? Four parts all quarter leather bound with burgundy goatskin and dark green cloth.

Making the Sign of Silence, say: Would this be, the forehead, chest and buttocks? If so what was your impression of the results. Pyramidox am under the Shadow of the Wings. Dread Lord of Hell! I give the sign that rends the Veil, The sign that closes up the Veil.


Into this prepared Pyramid of divine Light there cometh a certain darkling wight, who knoweth not either his own nature, or his origin or destiny, or even the name of that which he desireth. Ultimate criminal enigma continues to intrigue and horrify years on — Sunday Pyraimdos. How necessary is this?

Before he can enter the Pyramid, therefore, four ordeals are required of him.